Random Updates

Just some random, more personal updates.

New Mastodon Instance

I now have my own instance. "There can't be a safe space on the Internet" my big fat ass. I guess if you're not the owner of an instance there can't be, but about $6 a month is a small price to pay for a space where I can be myself and not just a subset of myself. @devinprater@devin.masto.host is where I post now. I think it'll be a good home moving forward.

It's still a new instance, and so hasn't federated with all the ones I remember from the dragon's cave, but it serves its purpose. I don't know if I have all the followers from there on here. But I don't care. The people who give a damn will find me.

A Chromebook

We got a bit more equipment at work a few weeks ago, one of which is a new Chromebook. I got to take it home, and I've installed Linux, and some Android apps, on it. It works pretty well, as it should with 16 GB RAM and some Intel processor.