Devinprater's Gemlog

2021-10-17 Random Updates

2021-10-14 On the stagnation of screen readers

2021-10-11 Digging into TalkBack's source code

2021-10-08 On recent Apple events: putting our eggs in baskets we can't see

2021-09-16 Response to "Why Linux Is More Accessible Than Windows and MacOS"

2021-08-31 Searching for a Safe Space

2021-07-08 Analyzing the Windows 11 Accessibility Announcement

2021-04-16 Surround sound in Linux

2021-03-18 At the Helm

2021-03-16 Accessibility Switches

2021-03-15 Elaho, an iOS Gemini Client

2021-02-20 Making a better startup environment

2021-02-14 Linux Games: my process of searching through games and contacting developers

2021-02-13 Falling into Linux

2021-02-10 Random happenings

2020-08-16 VoiceOver Recognition

2020-08-07 Switching Tools

2020-06-16 A new beginning

2020-06-01 What I want to see at WWDC

2020-04-21 A Brighter Apple

2020-04-16 Writing Richly

2020-03-27 Apple’s Ecosystem and Accessibility

2020-03-07 [title: open source news...]

2020-03-03 quick apple update



2020-02-16 open source blindness

2020-02-13 Apple’s accessibility consistency

2020-01-20 Advocacy of open source software

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